<span>ARCS </span><span>ARCS Donation to internally Displaced Families in Kapisa Province.  </span><span>Coordination Session for Development Budget  </span><span>Partnership Framework Agreement 2018-2020 between ARCS and ICRC </span>
ARCS Donation to internally Displaced Families in Kapisa Province...
Coordination Session for Development Budget ...
Partnership Framework Agreement 2018-2020 between ARCS and ICRC...
Our Perspective

Impartial Humanitarian Services to Affected Population

Equal distribution of relief items to all vulnerable and affected people is not fair. Thus, providing the most effective relief items and rendering the most efficient services to the most affected population is the sole law to Afghan Red Crescent Society. ARCS with an attention to the Movement’s fundamental principle realizes affected and vulnerable people’s most basic needs and provides them on time assistances without any discrimination based on religious, tribe and political affiliation… ARCS collects relief items and donations from benevolent compatriots in various occasions throughout Afghanistan. Thus, ARCS optimally distributes the donated items to affected people at the time of disasters in all over country. ARCS follows no donors order but the Movement’s seven fundamental principles. In addition, tries to foster a culture of equality and International Humanitarian L [...]

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Islamic Republic of Afghanistan President’s Message in Regard to ARCS Special Week

Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS) is the sole country-wide humanitarian organization and auxiliary to Islamic [...]

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ARCS Vice and Acting President’s Message Regarding the National Society’s Special Week

Dear Compatriots! I am glad that we are celebrating ARCS Special Week this year too. We know that ARCS run a campaign throug [...]

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Our Stories

Jafar, 25-year-old who had been suffering from psychiatric disorders for two years, had been taken to Kabul psychiatric hospi [...]

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