<span>107 Children with heart disease are introduced and Send to domestic and foreign hospitals to receive Medical treatments  </span><span>WE WISH YOU ALL A MERRY EID –UL- FITR </span><span>ARCS Celebrates International Red Cross and Red Crescent World Day </span><span>Safety and facilitation </span>
107 Children with heart disease are introduced and Send to domest...
ARCS Celebrates International Red Cross and Red Crescent World Da...
Safety and facilitation...
Our Perspective

Let’s Save the Life of 6000 Children

ARCS ask Afghan government and benevolent people, national merchants, national and international humanitarian organizations to contribute their donation for saving the life of 6000 children who are suffering from congenital heart defect (CHD). In 2009, ARCS has launched CHD project throughout country to provide medical treatments to children who need heart surgery. So far, more than 11200 of children with CHD disease are registered that 5200 of them have received medical treatments, but 6000 of the registered children are in line and hoping to receive treatments. Unfortunately, more than 30 percent of the registered sick individuals are losing their lives due to ARCS’s lack of financial abilities. The reported statistic has forced ARCS to build a special heart treatment hospital in addition to sending the sick individuals to foreign and domestic hospitals. The construction of the [...]

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Islamic Republic of Afghanistan President’s Message in Regard to ARCS Special Week

Every year, final week of month Mizan, 15-21 October, is ARCS’s special week, and this week is a special opp [...]

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ARCS Vice and Acting President’s Message Regarding the National Society’s Special Week

Dear Compatriots! I am glad that we are celebrating ARCS Special Week this year too. We know that ARCS run a campaign throug [...]

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Our Stories

Mawlavi Mokhtar Ahamd Fazli is one of the religious scholars in Hilmand province that believes Afghan Red Crescent Society’ [...]

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