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As its name suggests, The Red Crescent emblem is a red moon set on a white background. This symbol is a sign of assistance to victims of war and destitute persons of society, in times of conflict or disaster. The history of emblem, as supported by IFRC document, indicates that for the first time in 1863 in international conference in Geneva, the Red Cross symbol was recognized as symbol of National Aid Societies to war wounded. The recognition of the Red Cross symbol set on a white background, which was reversing the colors of the Swiss flag, was a kind of respect to founder of the Movement who was Swiss national. The Red Cross symbol was recognized in the year 1864 by diplomatic conference as a distinguished symbol for military medical history, together with approval of 1864 Geneva Convention. During Balkan war In 1876, the Ottoman empire decided to adopt the red crescent symbol instead of red cross, because its government believed that the cross is opposite of their empire symbol. This suggestion was also accepted in the Movement’s international conference and was followed by adoption of Red Crescent symbols by other countries for their Societies. As stated in the ARCS history, the Afghan government of the time, in year 1932, chose the government symbol (Mehrabe Ahmar) as the symbol for this charity Society, but the symbol was not recognized by the Movement. Two years later in year 1934 the government of Afghanistan chose the Red Crescent symbol for the National Society, as it was one of ten conditions for recognition of the Society by the Movement. The Red Crescent emblem has changed its shape and size several times since 1934, but has been used as a formal emblem by the Society.

Afghan Red Crescent Society Coordination Law of Affairs and Emblems


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