A Brief History of the Afghan Red Crescent Society

For the first time in 1929 in general park of Kabul city, a charity society was founded, which was incited and assisted by Kabul municipality. A number of philanthropist participated in the occasion and the aim was to help poor and victims of disasters. In response to suggestion of the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies’ conference in 1951 held in Hague, the name of the society was changed to Mehrab Ahmar. The society which was providing humanitarian services was active in the framework of finance ministry and later it was carrying out its activities under ministry of public health of the country. In 1951 by a decree of king of the time, with a special legislation, indicating its authorities and responsibilities, the society was formally recognized under the name of the Afghan Red Crescent Society as an impartial, independent and volunteer society. The ARCS was founded in April 1934. It traces its origins to the Naderia Orphanage, with the purpose of helping orphans and those in need.[1] In October 1951, the society adopted its constitution, which articulated democratic provisions for membership, elections at central, provincial and local branches, and managing board.[2] The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies is one of the two main partners of the ARCS, establishing its delegation in Afghanistan in 1991, with only temporary evacuations during the most recent conflict.[2] Although limited in terms of organizational capacity in recent years, the organization and activities of the ARCS covers territory throughout the country, with active branches in all provinces.


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