Membership System

The ARCS membership System is based on the ARCS statute and has a long history, but unfortunately, due to some challenges, it couldn’t have operated for several years. Its primary activities within the close cooperation of the international federation of red cross has been started since 1999 resulted satisfaction of the national society by registering approximately 11734 persons in 2008 in 34 provinces of the country. The members just pay (10) Afs once a month as the membership fee and (20) Afs as being permanent member of this program through forming groups. Each individual group includes 20-30 members who can select one cahier and the head of group. The total collected amount of money in groups is spent on internal displaced and returnees supportive programs. The member groups are allowed to save the collected money in the Red Crescent’s bank account. The membership system is based on two objectives: 1- Reducing the victims of disasters around Afghanistan 2- Electing of the ARCS president through an election process A member has not only the authorization in electing the Red Crescent president, but he/she is also authorized to nominate him/herself as the head of treasure or even the president of the Red Crescent Society. Indeed, in accordance with the statute of the national Society, the election of the ARCS president by parliament verses the statute of the National Society. Considering the independence of the Red Crescent society in all its activities, the president is elected by the members of the Red Crescent.Based on this fact, the membership system is very important. All ARCS members are issued special ARCS registration ID cards in villages, schools, and regional offices which are officially recorded and registered. In formation of several groups in an area or a district, the local entity is created and these entities make up the provincial council in a province and in combination of the provincial societies in 34 provinces, a person is elected and introduced as the representative of the province to the National Society. Then they all get together ARCS HQ office to president for four years. The General Assembly, holds the election of the president independently regardless any ethnical, political and religious discrimination based on unbiased principles and impartiality of the ARCS. As a result of the General Assembly, the sense of property is provided in an actual way for the Red Crescent, the seven based fundamental principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent are seriously observed and practically, the national society is formed from a successful, legal and standard elected National Society.


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