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Inauguration ceremony of Dr. Hussun Banu Ghazanfar as the Acting President of Afghan Red Crescent. 2019-18-Mar
Her Excellency Dr. Hussun Banu Ghaznafar was inaugurated, by his Excellency Mr. Sarwar Danish, the second Vice Pres.[...] Read More »
ARCS distributes 19 different types of relief items among displaced population in Laghman province 2018-31-Mar
Dr. Nilab Mobarez, Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS) Secretary General, has travelled to Mehtarlam to assess the r.[...] Read More »
ARCS Sings the Movement Coordination Agreement 2018-25-Feb
On 18th February, 2018, Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS), The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and.[...] Read More »
ARCS Donates Relief Items to Internally Displaced Families in Kapisa Province 2018-21-Feb
On 17th February, 2018, ARCS provincial branch in Kapisa province with the International Committee of the Red Cross.[...] Read More »
ARCS Vice and Acting President has traveled to Iran to Meet IRCS Authorities 2018-18-Feb
Afghan Red Crescent Society’s (ARCS) Vice and Acting President, Dr. Mirwais Akram, has traveled to Iran with an a.[...] Read More »
Coordination Session for Development Budget 2018-23-Jan
On 20th January 2018, Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS) inaugurated a coordination session for development budget .[...] Read More »
Partnership Framework Agreement 2018-2020 between ARCS and ICRC 2018-12-Jan
On 7th January 2017, Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS) Secretary General, Dr. Nilab Mobarez, and the International.[...] Read More »
ARCS Secretary General Meets Turkish Ambassador 2018-09-Jan
Dr. Nilab Mobarez, Afghan Red Crescent society’s Secretary General, has meet Turkish ambassador, and they have sp.[...] Read More »
ARCS Secretary General Visits West Zone Office 2018-09-Jan
On 24th December 2017, ARCS Secretary General, Dr. Nilab Mobarez, as the head of the National Society’s Leadershi.[...] Read More »
Displaced families in Konar Province have benefited ARCS’s Relief Items 2017-19-Dec
Due to armed conflicts, numerous residents of konar province have been displaced. Accordingly, Afghan Red Crescent .[...] Read More »
ARCS Dedications Deserve Spiritual and Non-Spiritual Rewards 2017-20-Nov
“ARCS’s relief items donation to disasters affected and destitute population deserve spiritual and non-spiritua.[...] Read More »
Assisting Destitute People, for the Sake of Allah, Results Great Allah’s Reward 2017-13-Sep
ARCS website directorate’s reporter has interviewed Mawlavi Hayatullah, religious scholar in Kandahar province. M.[...] Read More »
ARCS provides relief items to affected population in Serobi district 2017-29-Jul
Devastating floods in many villages of Serobi district have killed 11 and wounded 7 individuals in addition to dest.[...] Read More »
ARCS Secretary General Applaud Children in Marastoon (ARCS Social Welfare Center) 2017-19-Jun
On 11th June 2017, ARCS Secretary General, Dr. Nilab Mobarez, admired children who are Marastoon (ARCS Social Welfa.[...] Read More »
69 of Children with Congenital Heart Deficit are sent to domestic and foreign hospitals 2017-23-May
On 23rd May 2017, Afghan Red Crescent Society sent 69 of children who are suffering from congenital heart deficits .[...] Read More »
ARCS Celebrates World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day 2017-12-May
Afghan Red Crescent Society has celebrated 8th May, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement World Day.[...] Read More »
Asia Pacific Fundraisers’ Networks 6th Skill Sharing Conference 2017-06-May
On 11th April 2017, Asia Pacific Fundraiser’ Network (APFN) ran its 6th APFN skill sharing and exchanging sitting.[...] Read More »
Dr. Nilab Mobarez Was Appointed as ARCS Secretary General 2017-21-Apr
ARCS’ volunteers, employees, head of departments and board members, ministers of Afghanistan cabinet, members of .[...] Read More »
World Disasters Report 2016 – Resilience: Saving lives today, investing for tomorrow 2017-08-Apr
Facts and figures Humanitarian need is outstripping resources 1. 65.3 million People were forcibly displaced a.[...] Read More »
ARCS Provides Relief items to Affected Population in Baghlan Province 2017-26-Mar
Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS) provides relief items to affected population in line with seven fundamental prin.[...] Read More »
ARCS Provides Relief Items to 1078 Affected Families 2017-01-Mar
Recent heavy snowing have caused avalanches in various mountainous areas of Afghanistan that have caused casualties.[...] Read More »
Press Conference of ARCS Vice President and acting President, Dr. Mirwais Akram 2017-15-Feb
Afghan Red Crescent Society as the sole national, independent, neutral, impartial and humanitarian organization pro.[...] Read More »
Head of Medical Union of Germany Donates Medical Equipment to ARCS 2017-14-Jan
Eng. Mohammad Dawood Asad, head of Medical Union of Germany, have donated medical equipment including three sets of.[...] Read More »
ARCS Disaster Management Department and Challenges in Winter Season 2017-07-Jan
In a press conference, Mr. Abdul Rahman Kalantari, ARCS Disaster Management (DM) Department Head, said, “All empl.[...] Read More »
ARCS Distributed the International Islamic Relief Organization’s Donated Relief Items for 1200 Destitute Families in Logar and Maidan Wardak Provinces 2016-05-Dec
Assisting man-made and natural disasters-affected population and destitute families is ARCS’s priority in line wi.[...] Read More »
ARCS Vise President Appreciates Medias’ Supports 2016-19-Nov
ARCS informs national and international organization, merchants and people about natural and man-made disasters to .[...] Read More »
Brief Report of Nangarhar Branch’s Humanitarian Activities 2016-01-Nov
Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS), in line with the Movement’s fundamental principles that guides humanitarian a.[...] Read More »
ARCS Recent HA to Armed-Conflict Affected Population 2016-30-Oct
Emergency Operation Center (EOC) of Afghan Red Crescent Society’s (ARCS) Disaster Management Department reported .[...] Read More »
ARCS Recent Humanitarian Assistances to the Armed Conflicts Disasters-affected Population 2016-23-Oct
Emergency Operation Center (EOC) of ARCS Disaster Management Department reported that recent armed conflicts in Kon.[...] Read More »
Part of ARCS Activities during Its Special Week 2016-22-Oct
Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS) as an active member of the International Movement of Red Cross and Red Crescent .[...] Read More »
The Senate of Afghanistan Appreciates Mrs. Fatima Gailani’s Dedication to ARCS as the President 2016-20-Oct
His Excellency Fazel Hadi Muslimyar, President of the Senate,announced appreciation of the National Assembly of Afg.[...] Read More »
Mrs. Fatima Gailani, Afghan Red Crescent Society’s former President, is appointed as the International Federation of Red Cross Head of Country Cluster GCC, Dubai. 2016-19-Oct
Serving destitute populationactuallyis an opportunity that God considers it for his special servants; thus, the ser.[...] Read More »
Egyptians Donates Relief Items to ARCS 2016-30-Sep
People of Arab Republic of Egypt has contributed relief items including medicines to Afghan Red Crescent Society. .[...] Read More »
ARCS West Regional Zone Office’s Humanitarian Assistance Action Report 2016-26-Sep
ARCS West Regional Zone Office (WRZO) including branches in Ghour, Badghes, Farah and Nemrooz provinces has achieve.[...] Read More »
Brief Report of ARCS Herat Branch 2016-04-Sep
Afghan Red Crescent Society’s Herat province branch is providing relief items and rendering services in line with.[...] Read More »
ARCS’s New Vice President Is Appointed 2016-31-Aug
On 20th August 2016, ARCS Secretary General and his deputies, head of departments, staffs and many special guests w.[...] Read More »
ARCS Sends 48 of Children to Germany 2016-31-Aug
On 16th August 2016, ARCS run a press conference in Pol-e-Artan. Mr. Mohammad Naim “Dindar”, ARCS Secretary Gen.[...] Read More »
GPV Returns 69 Cured Children 2016-29-Aug
On 21st August 2016, ARCS run a press conference in Pol-e-Artan where 69 children who were taken in previous period.[...] Read More »
Mohammad Taib Yosufzai: Chair of Asia Pacific Fund Raising Network 2016-20-Jun
On 28th and 30th April, Mohammad Taib Yosufzai was elected as the Chair of Asia Pacific Fund Raising Network for ne.[...] Read More »
ARCS Follows Fundamental Principles in Its Services 2016-20-Jun
Mr. Miram Sedaqat, ARCS Spokesperson, introduces ARCS and spokes subject to ARCS mission, goals, objectives, fundam.[...] Read More »


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