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Relief Items to Internally Displaced Families in Nangarhar Province 2016-02-Mar
ARCS has provided relief items to 100 families that are internally displaces due to armed conflicts in Sorkhrood an.[...] Read More »
Children Healthily Returns to Afghanistan from Germany 2016-27-Feb
“44 of children are healthily returned from Germany.” said Al-haj Mohammad Taib Yosufzai, the International Rel.[...] Read More »
ARCS Volunteers Publicize Humanitarian 2016-27-Feb
“ARCS emblem is the sign of peace and humanitarian that Volunteers publicize.” said Mr. Mohammad Dawood Latef, .[...] Read More »
ARCS Vice President Visits Kabul Marastoon (Welfare Center) 2016-27-Feb
Mr. Mohammad Zaher Valizada, ARCS Vice President, has visited youth and teenagers’ sport environment, vocational .[...] Read More »
ARCS Relief Items to Samangan Province 2016-22-Feb
ARCS has sent food and non-food items to internally displaced families in Balla and Paeen Darasoof districts at Sam.[...] Read More »
ARCS renders medical treatments to 4230 of children 2016-20-Feb
“Children with heart diseases will be registered by ARCS Health Service Department after their prescription is re.[...] Read More »
ARCS Sends 82 of Children to Germany 2016-16-Feb
“ARCS sends 82 of children who are suffering from severe burn injuries or osteopathic to Germany.” Said Mohamma.[...] Read More »
ARCS High Ranking Delegation Travels to India 2016-12-Feb
ARCS International Relation and Dissemination Department reported that a high ranking Delegation of ARCS authoritie.[...] Read More »
ARCS Deploys Humanitarian Relief Items to Five of Provinces 2016-10-Feb
Mr. Molan Akbar Oghli, ARCS Website reporter, reported that ARCS had sent relief items to Jalal abad, Panjsher, Bag.[...] Read More »
Let's Educate Youth about HIV/AIDS 2016-09-Feb
HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. If left untreated, HIV can lead to the disease AIDS (acquired immunode.[...] Read More »
The Marastoon “Social Welfare Center” in the Heart of ARCS 2016-07-Feb
ARCS Marastoon provides shelters to destitute and needful families and educates orphans in the hope of better futur.[...] Read More »
Afghan Red Crescent Society assists seven hundred poor families. 2016-20-Jan
Afghan Red Crescent Society distributed food items to seven hundred poor families in seven districts of Kabul city.[...] Read More »
ARCS and Kam Air Airline Company Concludes an Agreement 2016-02-Jan
Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS) and Kam Air Company conclude an agreement for transporting children with congeni.[...] Read More »
One-day Branches Framework Development Seminar in Kabul 2015-14-Dec
On 1st December 2015, Branches Development Directorate of Afghan Red Crescent Society Organizational Development an.[...] Read More »
About the Conference 2015-13-Dec
What is the International Conference? The International Conference is a unique global forum bringing together the .[...] Read More »
Mrs. Fatima Gailani, Afghan Red Crescent Society President, is the chairwoman of the 32nd International Conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent that is taking place in Geneva, Switzerland. 2015-09-Dec
The International Conference bringing together the States Parties to the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and the Interna.[...] Read More »
The Movement Coordination Meeting in West Regional Zone Office 2015-08-Dec
According to a trilateral accord, Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS), the International Federation of Red Cross and.[...] Read More »
Benevolent Merchants Donate Boots 2015-24-Nov
On 24 November 2015, Mr. Haji Abdul Qader and his partners met Afghan Red Crescent Society President (Mrs. Fatima G.[...] Read More »
ARCS Inaugurates Central North-Western Regional Office Coordination Meeting 2015-22-Nov
On 15/16 November 2015, Branches Development Directorate of ARCS Organizational Development Department inaugurated .[...] Read More »
ARCS Humanitarian Assistances to Affected People of Earthquake and Armed Conflicts 2015-14-Nov
Emergency Operation Center (EOC) of ARCS Disaster Management Department reported tens of casualties due to earthqua.[...] Read More »
ARCS President’s Message Regarding the National Society Special Week 2015-09-Nov
Dear Compatriots! We are grateful to celebrate the ARCS Annual Special Week once more. ARCS has inaugurated its Sp.[...] Read More »
ARCS Third Series of Humanitarian Assistances to Affected People of Earthquake 2015-08-Nov
Emergency Operation Center (EOC) of ARCS Disaster Management Department reported a wide range of destruction due to.[...] Read More »
ARCS First Series of Relief Assistances to Affected People of Earthquake 2015-07-Nov
Emergency Operation Center of ARCS Disaster Management Department has reported a wide range of destruction due to r.[...] Read More »
ARCS Second Series of Relief Assistances to Affected People of Earthquake 2015-07-Nov
Emergency Operation Center (EOC) of ARCS Disaster Management Department reported a wide range of destruction due to.[...] Read More »
ARCS Holds an Emergency Meeting Regarding Badakhshan Earthquake 2015-02-Nov
On 27 October 2015, ARCS Disaster Management Department held an emergency meeting regarding a very powerful earthqu.[...] Read More »
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan President’s Message in Regard to ARCS Special Week 2015-27-Oct
Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS) is a nation-wide humanitarian organization that has been providing relief items .[...] Read More »
Finalization of Operational Course of Action Workshop “Second Phase” 2015-18-Oct
The 9-day operational course of action workshop inaugurated on 26 August 2015, as Mr. Abdul Rahman Kalantary, ARCS .[...] Read More »
Strategic Communication Workshop 2015-18-Oct
On 14 September 2015, ARCS inaugurated its Two-day strategic communication workshop. Thus, ARCS head advisor, Mr. S.[...] Read More »
Miss Mareya Is a True Humanitarian Volunteer 2015-06-Oct
Mrs. Fatima Gailani, ARCS President, has presented an Appreciation Letter to Miss. Mareya Sabila when professor B.[...] Read More »
45 of Children Receive Medical Treatments in Germany 2015-06-Oct
On 18 August 2015, German Peace Village (GPV) and the Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS) cooperatively checked ov.[...] Read More »
Indian Embassy’s Five-Year Agreement 2015-14-Sep
On 12 September 2015, Ambassador of Indian Embassy in Kabul, Mr. Amar Sinha, and Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS).[...] Read More »
Blood Campaign for the casualties from recent tragedies in Kabul 2015-08-Aug
In recent suicide attacks in Kabul city, hundreds of people have been wounded. Accordingly, ARCS has conducted a bl.[...] Read More »
500 of Houses are destroyed in Badakhshan Province 2015-29-Jul
Afghan Red Crescent Society’s Emergency Operation Center (EOC) has reported that devastating floods and overflows.[...] Read More »
Official Note 2015-28-Jul
Afghan Red Crescent Society with German Peace Village (GPV) doctors’ collaboration and cooperation is commencing .[...] Read More »
Ramadan the month of Mercy and Bless 2015-07-Jul
The blessed month of Ramadan brings happiness, goodness, spiritual enlightenment, rewards, and physical and spiritu.[...] Read More »
ARCS Runs Its Preliminary Session of Planning Process 2015-07-Jul
On 24th June 2015, Mohammad Naem “Dindar” (ARCS Secretary General), Mohammad Tayeb Yousefzai (Organizational De.[...] Read More »
ARCS’ Provincial Assemblies in Four Provinces 2015-06-Jul
Afghan Red Crescent Society’s Provincial Assemblies Department has reported conduction of provincial assemblies i.[...] Read More »
ARCS Humanitarian Assistance in Baghlan Province 2015-24-Jun
Devastating flood has affected 89 families in Baghlan province. Consequently, ARCS has optimally distributed 623 bl.[...] Read More »
ARCS Inaugurates Apartment Block in Its Marastoon 2015-12-Jun
On 8th May 2015, Mrs. Fatima Gailani, Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS) President, and Mr. Mostafa Zaher, the Nati.[...] Read More »
UNFPA Donates 1000 Female Hygienic Packages 2015-12-Jun
Afghan Red Crescent Society and United Nation Population Fund had concluded an agreement to support the most vulner.[...] Read More »


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