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Finalization of Operational Course of Action Workshop “Second Phase” 2015-18-Oct
The 9-day operational course of action workshop inaugurated on 26 August 2015, as Mr. Abdul Rahman Kalantary, ARCS .[...] Read More »
Strategic Communication Workshop 2015-18-Oct
On 14 September 2015, ARCS inaugurated its Two-day strategic communication workshop. Thus, ARCS head advisor, Mr. S.[...] Read More »
Miss Mareya Is a True Humanitarian Volunteer 2015-06-Oct
Mrs. Fatima Gailani, ARCS President, has presented an Appreciation Letter to Miss. Mareya Sabila when professor B.[...] Read More »
45 of Children Receive Medical Treatments in Germany 2015-06-Oct
On 18 August 2015, German Peace Village (GPV) and the Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS) cooperatively checked ov.[...] Read More »
Indian Embassy’s Five-Year Agreement 2015-14-Sep
On 12 September 2015, Ambassador of Indian Embassy in Kabul, Mr. Amar Sinha, and Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS).[...] Read More »
Blood Campaign for the casualties from recent tragedies in Kabul 2015-08-Aug
In recent suicide attacks in Kabul city, hundreds of people have been wounded. Accordingly, ARCS has conducted a bl.[...] Read More »
500 of Houses are destroyed in Badakhshan Province 2015-29-Jul
Afghan Red Crescent Society’s Emergency Operation Center (EOC) has reported that devastating floods and overflows.[...] Read More »
Official Note 2015-28-Jul
Afghan Red Crescent Society with German Peace Village (GPV) doctors’ collaboration and cooperation is commencing .[...] Read More »
Ramadan the month of Mercy and Bless 2015-07-Jul
The blessed month of Ramadan brings happiness, goodness, spiritual enlightenment, rewards, and physical and spiritu.[...] Read More »
ARCS Runs Its Preliminary Session of Planning Process 2015-07-Jul
On 24th June 2015, Mohammad Naem “Dindar” (ARCS Secretary General), Mohammad Tayeb Yousefzai (Organizational De.[...] Read More »
ARCS’ Provincial Assemblies in Four Provinces 2015-06-Jul
Afghan Red Crescent Society’s Provincial Assemblies Department has reported conduction of provincial assemblies i.[...] Read More »
ARCS Humanitarian Assistance in Baghlan Province 2015-24-Jun
Devastating flood has affected 89 families in Baghlan province. Consequently, ARCS has optimally distributed 623 bl.[...] Read More »
ARCS Inaugurates Apartment Block in Its Marastoon 2015-12-Jun
On 8th May 2015, Mrs. Fatima Gailani, Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS) President, and Mr. Mostafa Zaher, the Nati.[...] Read More »
UNFPA Donates 1000 Female Hygienic Packages 2015-12-Jun
Afghan Red Crescent Society and United Nation Population Fund had concluded an agreement to support the most vulner.[...] Read More »
The ARCS Assistances for Vulnerable Children 2015-12-Jun
The Universal Children’s Day, 1st June, is an opportunity to recognize and reemphasis our commitment to improve t.[...] Read More »
Report of the Asia Pacific “Brain Trust” Meeting 2015-27-May
Report of the Asia Pacific “Brain Trust” Meeting .[...] Read More »
The Afghan National Society and Displaced People in Hilmand Province 2015-23-May
Armed conflicts have displaced 95 families from Hilmand province to Pang Waee and Talakan district of Kandahar prov.[...] Read More »
Afghan Red Crescent Society Assist Affected People in Zabul Province 2015-23-May
370 of families have been affected by devastating floods in Meskin Abad, Khil Kali, Said Kali, Mohajerin Kali, Bara.[...] Read More »
Devastating Floods Kill 10 People 2015-13-May
“Devastating floods have killed 5 people in Boldhragh and 3 people in Pashtoon Koot districts of Faryab province..[...] Read More »
The ARCS Provides Humanitarian Relief Items in Badakhshan Province 2015-09-May
Devastating floods and landslide have affected Badakhshan province, and in the other hand, the ARCS has provided re.[...] Read More »
The ARCS Volunteers Donate Blood in Mazar-e-Sharif 2015-04-May
On 9th April 2015, the ARCS volunteers donated blood to wounded people when suicide attacker killed and wounded 19 .[...] Read More »
Afghan Red Crescent Society Distributes Relief Items in Takhar Province 2015-03-May
On 22nd April 2015, floods completely destroyed 11 families’ properties in Kalafgan and Varsaj districts of Takha.[...] Read More »
The ARCS President’s Message of Sympathy to Nepal 2015-02-May
Devastating earthquake has hit Nepal in the area near Saurpani, between capital Kathmandu and tourist town Pokhara,.[...] Read More »
Landslide Kills 52 People 2015-02-May
On 28th 2015, landslide killed 52 people in Jero village at Khahan district of Badakhshan province. Jero is a vil.[...] Read More »
The ARCS Volunteers Donates 11550 liters Blood in Nangarhar Province 2015-20-Apr
Jalal Abad city has experienced a range of suicide attacks in one day that have martyred and wounded 36 and 110 per.[...] Read More »
The ARCS Provides Relief Items to Affected People from Man-Made and Natural Disasters 2015-13-Apr
During the last a few months, devastating floods and avalanches have affected thousands of families. Accordingly, t.[...] Read More »
The Afghan Red Crescent Society’s Humanitarian Relief Items distribution to Affected People 2015-11-Apr
Devastating floods and avalanches have affected thousands of families. Accordingly, the ARCS Emergency Operation Ce.[...] Read More »
79 of Children Receive Medical Treatments in Germany 2015-10-Mar
On 17th February 2015, German Peace Village (GPV) and the Afghan Red Crescent Society cooperatively checked over ch.[...] Read More »
People's Republic of China Monetary Supports Affected People 2015-04-Mar
On 28 February 2015, People’s Republic of China Charge d'affaires in Afghanistan met the Afghan Red Crescent Soci.[...] Read More »
The ARCS Provides Relief Items to the Affected People in Nangarhar Province 2015-04-Mar
Floods in Lal Pour and Mohman Dara districts of Nangarhar province have affected 64 families in group A and 140 fam.[...] Read More »
The ARCS President Expresses Her Sympathy 2015-02-Mar
Ms. Fatima Gailani, the Afghan Red Crescent Society’s President, sends her message of sympathy and support to the.[...] Read More »
The ARCS Celebrates Championship 2015-31-Jan
On 17th January 2015, the ARCS celebrated its female volleyball team’s 18th championship. Youth Sport Improvement.[...] Read More »
The ARCS Appreciates Benevolent Afghan’s Generosity 2015-31-Jan
On 26th January 2015, the ARCS inaugurated a celebration to appreciate private companies and benevolent compatriots.[...] Read More »
The ARCS Volunteer Provincial Assembly Members 2015-10-Jan
On 28th December 2014, Provincial Assembly Election Training Workshop was conducted and certificates were distribut.[...] Read More »
Partnership Framework Agreement 2015-2017 2015-10-Jan
On 23rd November 2014, especially in the field of capacity building and joint operations, the ARCS President, Ms. F.[...] Read More »
Bolywood Actor Supports Afghan Children 2014-20-Dec
Recently, Salman Khan, the Bolywood's most famous actor and head of Human Being humanitarian institute, has claimed.[...] Read More »
The ARCS’ Volunteers Provide Medical Services in Paktika 2014-30-Nov
On 23rd November 2014, a suicide was committed that has aimed the crowd who were watching the Volleyball match in Y.[...] Read More »
Logar Residents Donate Land 2014-25-Oct
Benevolent residents in Assept village of Logar province have donated two acres land to the ARCS’ Logar provincia.[...] Read More »
The ARCS Conducts its Planning Meeting 2014-02-Sep
On August 17, 2014 - the NS' Secretary General, Mr. Mohammed Naem "Dindar", inaugurated planning meeting and lectur.[...] Read More »
ICRC Hand Over 12 Vehicles 2014-01-Sep
The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has officially donated 12 vehicles to the Afghan Red Crescent S.[...] Read More »


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