69 of Children with Congenital Heart Deficit are sent to domestic and foreign hospitals

May 23, 2017

On 23rd May 2017, Afghan Red Crescent Society sent 69 of children who are suffering from congenital heart deficits to four domestic and foreign hospitals. Most of the children will receive medical treatment at hospital in India for free. Dr Nilab Mobarez ARCS Secretary General said, “We are dedicated and committed to this program, and we do our utmost to provide high quality services to these children.” Dr. Mobarez added that ARCS had sent and introduced more than 5430 of children to hospitals and our objective this year is to cover and send another 1000 of people who are registered by ARCS and suffering from heart diseases. Annually, ARCS includes more than 1000 of these children in the program. It is considerable to mention that currently 6000 of children with different heart diseases are registered by ARCS and they are in line to receive medical treatments. Consequently, Afghan Red Crescent Society requires and need the financial support of national merchants, national non-government organizations and international institutes.

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