ARCS Concise Report of Humanitarian Aids in Balkh Province

Apr 10, 2016

Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS), in line with the Movement’s fundamental principle, provides relief items and renders services to affected population from natural and man-made tragedies for preventing or alleviating their suffering. ARCS branch in Balkh province has provided relief items to 30 destitute families in Amani and Eshani projects of NahreShahi district. Accordingly, ARCS has provided relief items to 745 internally displaced families ofKondoz province. In addition, 600 families have been transportedback to Kondoz province as well. Mr. Oughli added that ARCS had dug 17 wells and built one pull to contain and supply drinkable water in sholgara and bolak districts. It is considerable to mention that the International Committee of the Red Cross has donated budgets for construction of drinking water containers and a warehouse for medicinestorage, and ARCS has allocated budgets to wells. Mr. oughli said, “ARCS clinics has rendered services to 100,000 sick individuals and provided them free medicines as well in year 1394.” Currently, ARCS Marastoon in Balkh province is taking care of 74 destitute families and 4 orphan children. ARCS Regional Zone Office reported that the office is fully prepared to provide relief items and render services to affected people for various cases in year 1395. To read further reports fallow the link in report section.

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