ARCS Dedications Deserve Spiritual and Non-Spiritual Rewards

Nov 20, 2017

“ARCS’s relief items donation to disasters affected and destitute population deserve spiritual and non-spiritual rewards.” Mawlavi Rahimullah Akhond Zada, a religious scholar in Shahr-e-Safa of Zabul province said. Mawlavi Rahimullah said, “According to Islam, all Muslims as brothers have religious liabilities to provide assistance at the time of need toward each other and those who are not committed to their liabilities are sentenced too.” The Mawlavi said that Afghan Red Crescent Society have provided relief items and optimally distributed among the most vulnerable population with an special attention to its independency, neutrality and impartiality in Zabul province. Mawlavi Rahimullah Akhond Zada himself is one of the beneficiaries of ARCS services and asks ARCS leadership to pay further attention to affected population within Zabul province as people are continuously suffering from man-made and natural disasters. People’s Point of View about ARCS Operation in Zabul Province Haji Amin Jan, elder in Mizan District, says that ARCS employees and volunteers provided relief items and rendered health care services to people for the sake of Allah. He added that ARCS’s independency, impartiality and neutrality were highly appreciated by population at the most remote areas in Zabul province. ARCS Website Reporter asked him about the quality and modality of ARCS’s services in Zabul province; in response, he said that ARCS Mobile Medical Teams were travelling to the most remote areas to render health care services to people and health care educations to families. In the other hand, ARCS branch in Zabul had its door open to all people at all times. He emphasized that the mobile medical team members rendered services and provided medicines for free and 24/7 while the team was travelling in the remote areas. In the other hand, Mr. Shah Vali, a dweller in Qalat, had brought his 7-year-old child to ARCS fix clinic in ARCS provincial branch to benefit free health care services and medicines for becoming healthy again. He said that the doctors’ behavior is very friendly and medicines are very effective too. Finally, Mr. Ehsan Nawrozi, an active civil society member in Zabul province, said that people in Zabul province generally appreciate ARCS donations and services; specially, those relief items and services that are provided and rendered at the time of armed conflicts to displace population and transferring letters to prisoners.

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