ARCS Disaster Management Department and Challenges in Winter Season

Jan 07, 2017

In a press conference, Mr. Abdul Rahman Kalantari, ARCS Disaster Management (DM) Department Head, said, “All employees and volunteers in 34 ARCS provincial branches are well trained and ready to face the winter seasonal challenges to provide relief items and render services to affected population.” “With an attention to 70% improvements in branches, ARCS is well prepared to assist affected people.” Mr. Kalantari said, “12350 food packages that worth 5.5 million Afghanis are in depots to optimally distribute among people in disasters throughout country.” Disaster Management Department Head said that the National Society (NS) has succeeded to optimally distributed relief items including flour, rice, bean, oil, tea, sugar, salt and tent, tarpaulin, cooking sits, blankets and soap among 121527 people by following the seven fundamental principles. Finally, Mr. Kalantari added that the NS had transported 332 dead bodies from battle fields to their families and taken more than 3000 prisoners’ letters to the written addresses during this year.

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