ARCS Follows Fundamental Principles in Its Services

Jun 20, 2016

Mr. Miram Sedaqat, ARCS Spokesperson, introduces ARCS and spokes subject to ARCS mission, goals, objectives, fundamental principles, fields of activities and modalities of providing relief items and rendering services in an interview with TV station named 24. ARCS Spokesperson emphasized that responding to disasters, rendering health care services, Marastoons (social welfare center) services and volunteers are the most important fields of activities for ARCS. in addition to assisting Polio vaccination, Mr. Miram added that ARCS is establishing two additional Marastoons in Bameyan and Kondoz provinces in near future. “ARCS has sent about 5000 of children who are suffering from congenital heart deficit (CHD) to hospitals for heart surgeries.” Spokesperson said, “Unfortunately, more than 10,000 of children with CHD are currently registered with ARCS to receive medical services.” Finally, he mentioned that ARCS provides relief items and renders services without any discrimination based on language, region, political affiliation....

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