ARCS Provides Vocational Trainings to Most Vulnerable Population

Mar 07, 2016

ARCS is established with an aim to alleviate human suffering. Benevolent compatriots fulfill their religious and national liabilities regarding affected and vulnerable peoples to decrease poverty. Accordingly, ARCS provides trainings to Marastoon beneficiaries, so they will be able to normally support their lives outside Marastoon within societies. But, the question is that what elements are essential for organizing trainings to financially independent and self-sufficient Marastoon beneficiaries? Ms. Taherah Noroozi, English and Mathematic Instructor, introduces the Marastoon beneficiaries in three categories in following; 1. First category includes those who are talented and smart, so they benefit from the facilities and opportunities to become educated and skillful. 2. Second category includes those who have disabilities and family problem. 3. Third category includes those who live in Marastoon to benefit from financial supports and securities. “ARCS authorities have realized the challenges; accordingly, they have employed the most expert instructors to educate and train Marastoon beneficiaries.” Ms. Noroozi said, “Providing educational opportunities for children are families’ responsibilities, but ARCS provides educational opportunities to Marastoon dwellers.” Currently, 33 families are residing in Marastoon, and ARCS provides educational opportunities to 129 of beneficiaries.

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