ARCS Recent HA to Armed-Conflict Affected Population

Oct 30, 2016

Emergency Operation Center (EOC) of Afghan Red Crescent Society’s (ARCS) Disaster Management Department reported that armed conflicts in Chaparhar district had displaced 900 families to Pachir Agam, Behsood districts and Jala Abad city. Accordingly, on 20th October 2016, Nangarhar Provincial Disaster Response directorate ran a meeting; thus, ARCS Nangarhar Provincial Branch was assigned to run a survey on displaced families. Consequently, after running the survey, ARCS has provided 10 different of relief items to 171 affected families. Finally, the beneficiaries have appreciated ARCS donation, and they announced that they consider ARCS as the sole country-wide humanitarian organization that provides relief items to all affected population throughout Afghanistan.

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