ARCS Recent Humanitarian Assistances to the Armed Conflicts Disasters-affected Population

Oct 23, 2016

Emergency Operation Center (EOC) of ARCS Disaster Management Department reported that recent armed conflicts in Kondoz, Hilmand and many other provinces of Afghanistan had taken many civilians’ lives and financially damaged many resources of incomes, so many people are internally displaced to Kabul, Balkh, Takhar, Badakhshan and Kandahar provinces. ARCS Emergency Operation Center reported, “1484 families are recently displaced from Kondoz and Hilmand provinces to Balkh, Takhar and Kandahar provinces. Accordingly, ARCS EOC provides them relief items and renders them health care services.” The EOC reported that ARCS had optimally distributed 700 blankets and 300 children kit among Kondozian displace families in Hajaaj camp at Balkh province. The EOC said, “each family of 700 Kondozian displaced families who are settled in Dasht-e-Rabah has received 24 KG rice, 25 KG oil, 5 KG sugar, 5 KG bean, 1 KG green tea, 2 KG salt, 1 tarpaulin, 4 blankets, 1 kitchen set and 1 hygiene kit. In addition, 300 water containers have been optimally distributed among them as well.” In the other hand, ARCS mobile medical teams have provided medical treatments to 3831 displaced sick persons in Balkh and Takhar provinces, trained 1060 individuals with health care maintenance and distributed 240 delivery kits. In Kandahar Province, 24 of Hilmand displaced families have received 7 blankets. Finally, the affected families who have benefited from ARCS relief items and services announced their appreciation, and they said that ARCS is the true humanitarian organization that supports disasters-affected people throughout Afghanistan.

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