ARCS Secretary General Applaud Children in Marastoon (ARCS Social Welfare Center)

Jun 19, 2017

On 11th June 2017, ARCS Secretary General, Dr. Nilab Mobarez, admired children who are Marastoon (ARCS Social Welfare Center) dwellers and appreciated the Marastoon staff and volunteers dedication in these children’s education and training process. The little children have read their childlike poems, songs and essays in Pashto and Dari languages. Finally, one of the children read a brief history of Afghan Red Crescent Society, the International Movement of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and its seven fundamental principles in English language. Prior year 1342 H.S, some social welfare centers and orphanages were depended and funded by the government; then, they became part of Afghan Red Crescent Society. Thus, ARCS named it “Marastoon” that was financially supported by benevolent people, businessmen, and sometimes foreign organizations and NGOs. Subsequently, Afghan government doesn’t play any role in Marastoon’s funding and decision making. Currently, ARCS has 5 active Marstoons in Kabul, Kandahar, Heart, Balkh and Nangarhar provinces in which thousands of poor and destitute families are receiving 24/7 services.

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