ARCS Sends 48 of Children to Germany

Aug 31, 2016

On 16th August 2016, ARCS run a press conference in Pol-e-Artan. Mr. Mohammad Naim “Dindar”, ARCS Secretary General, announced that German Peace Village, through a cooperation and coordination with ARCS, has been taking children who have been suffering from severe burn injuries or osteopathic to Germany since 1988. GPV has been providing health care services to the sick children and returned them back to their families healthily. So far, 5000 of the children have benefited GPV’s health care services. “On 17th August 2016, GPV physicians will take 48 of children who were examined.” ARCS Secretary General Said, “I, on behalf of ARCS, appreciate GPV’s humanitarian services to Afghan children.” In the other hand, GPV returned 69 of children who were taken in previous period (73rd) healthily and handed them over to their parent during a ceremony on 21st August.

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