ARCS Vise President Appreciates Medias’ Supports

Nov 19, 2016

ARCS informs national and international organization, merchants and people about natural and man-made disasters to collect their donation and relief items for alleviating the affected population by optimal distribution of aid items. On 16 November 2016, ARCS run a press conference in Asmayee Hotel to announce its appreciation from Medias that accurately broadcasts ARCS achievements and programs to publics. Dr. Mirwais Akram, ARCS Vice President and Acting President, announced his appreciation from all Medias’ broadcasts that inform population and communities from humanitarian programs and the relevant activities and achievements. In the other hand, ARCS’s head of departments had provided their department relevant information to the participated media for further public awareness. Abdul Rahman Kalantari, Disaster Management Department Head, said that ARCS had optimally distributed relief items to more than hundred thousand people who had affected by natural and man-made disasters throughout Afghanistan. In addition, Mr. Mohammad Salim Bahremand, Health Service Department Head, said that ARCS fix clinics and mobile medical teams had provided health care services to more than one million beneficiaries. Finally, Mohammad Zahed Koshan, Marastoons Head (social welfare centers), said that ARCS are providing 24/7 services to Marastoon beneficiaries in its five regional Marastoon facilities. It is considerable to mention that Sayedah Mozhgan Mostafavi, dissemination deputy of Ministry of Culture and Information, authorities of free medias and Journalists were participants as well.

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