ARCS West Regional Zone Office’s Humanitarian Assistance Action Report

Sep 26, 2016

ARCS West Regional Zone Office (WRZO) including branches in Ghour, Badghes, Farah and Nemrooz provinces has achieved their planned objectives that are in line with seven fundamental principles. WRZO has reported that the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has funded the construction of three warehouses with various air temperatures and freezers that will be ready to utilize soon. In the other hand, ARCS has established a guesthouse in WRZO that was inaugurated by ARCS Vice President, Dr. Wais Akram. In addition, ARCS has planned to build a five-flour building that includes office rooms, conference rooms, store rooms and kitchens in WRZO too. Currently, 2993 active volunteers, including 534 volunteers in Nemrooz, 1432 volunteers in Ghour, 501 volunteers in Farah and 526 volunteers in Badghes provinces, are facilitating ARCS humanitarian operations. WRZO Youth Clup promote human values, popularize National Society’s Seven Fundamental Principles, introduce ARCS programs, conduct mental improvement classes for people, and has a course of school subjects. ARCS WRZO had provided relief items including flour, Tea, Sugar, Bean, Oil, Rice, Tent, Cooking set, Blanket, Sanitation kit, Tarpaulin, for the 1081 man-made and natural disaster-affected families since 2015. In addition, ARCS has handed over relief items to 500 natural and man-made affected-families in Ghour province. ARCS WRZO through a coordination with ICRC has mailed 16 prisoners’ letter to their families and sent back the families’ letter to ICRC in order to submit it to prisoners. Finally, 200 disabled individuals have received walking sticks and 20 additional persons were introduce to ICRC orthopaedy section. The beneficiaries announced their appreciation and consider ARCS as the true humanitarian organization at all times.

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