ARCS provides relief items to affected population in Serobi district

Jul 29, 2017

Devastating floods in many villages of Serobi district have killed 11 and wounded 7 individuals in addition to destruction of 56 houses. ARCS has immediately reached the areas and run a precise survey. Subsequently, head of ARCS Kabul branch optimally distributed relief items among the 56 affected families while elders and local council members were observing the process. The distributed relief items included a bag of flour, 5 liter cooking oil, one tent, one cooking set, one tarpaulin, 7 blankets and one water can. The beneficiaries announced their appreciation and said, “ARCS is the sole country-wide humanitarian organization that assist affected population without any bias.” Mr. Dawood son of Babrak who lives in Kata Sang village said that the devastating flood destroyed my house and my furniture in addition to my only source of income that it was my car. I highly appreciated ARCS donations that are vitally important for me at this time.

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