Assisting Destitute People, for the Sake of Allah, Results Great Allah’s Reward

Sep 13, 2017

ARCS website directorate’s reporter has interviewed Mawlavi Hayatullah, religious scholar in Kandahar province. Mawlavi said, “Assisting destitute people, for the sake of Allah, results great Allah’s reward.” In the other hand, Mrs. Rough Gul, a resident in Nahrgul district of Kandahar province said, “I and my family always benefit from ARCS free doctors and medicines, and I highly appreciate their health care system.” Mrs. Rough Gul, the 70-year-old lady, said that long time ago one of my neighbors told me about ARCS and the high quality of the free health care services. Since then, I always visit ARCS doctors if I am sick. “Afghan Red Crescent Society is a national, independent, impartial and neutral humanitarian organization.” Mr. Abdul Mohammad Khaksar said, an elder in Rawani village of Dand district. “Dand district has 85 villages that all residents are well aware about ARCS’ responsibilities and emblem since we have received the National Society’s food and non-food items donation at the time of disasters.” Mr. Khaksar added that I myself personally have introduced a few families who their family members were suffering from congenital heart defect, bone diseases and sever burn injuries to ARCS branch in Kandahar. Therefore, these individual have received medical care and returned healthily to their family. Finally, Mr. Haji Azizullah, an active civil society member, said that ARCS’s employees and volunteers are highly dedicated individuals. He added that I myself personally have observed their cooperation with affected population from flood where the people had lost their property, and the ARCS relief items prevented the affected people’s situation from deterioration. Mr. Haji Azizullah highly appreciated ARCS leadership devotion and commitment and asked further attention to destitute people in Kandahar province.

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