Brief Report of ARCS Herat Branch

Sep 04, 2016

Afghan Red Crescent Society’s Herat province branch is providing relief items and rendering services in line with the Movement’s seven fundamental principles to alleviate human suffering. Qari Mir Gullab, Herat branch head, reported that the branch had provided relief items to 23 families who were affected by devastating floods according the ARCS norms. He added that five work-for-food projects were running in Kashk Robad Sangi district which three of them have been accomplished. Head of Herat province branch said, “The branch has constructed a 9-room-clinic and equipped the clinic with updated equipment that currently is rendering medical services to Mojahedin town residents.” “Both clinics, Aboobakr-e-Sediq and Shohada-e-24-e-hoot are efficiently working,” Mr. Qari Gullabuddin said, “In Year 1394, more than 29700 individuals benefited from the both clinics.” It is considerable to mention that in year 1394 Shamsi Hijri 49 individuals including male and female have gained ARCS membership and improved their level of cooperation and activities during 8th may and ARCS special week ceremony inaugurations. ARCS Herat province branch objectives in line with its operational plan is to train 60 of volunteers, recruit 500 new members in its system, render medical services to affected people, free scientific-capacity building for 700 students.

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