Brief Report of Nangarhar Branch’s Humanitarian Activities

Nov 01, 2016

Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS), in line with the Movement’s fundamental principles that guides humanitarian affairs to alleviate human suffering from man-made and natural disasters, provide relief items in accordance with the affected populations’ emergency requirements. With an aim to equally distribute its supports and services among affected communities, Nangarhar Branch of ARCS has achieved the following objective: ARCS Nangarhar branch has provided relief items to 1847 affected families in 2015, and the branch has provided relief items to 2020 affected families in 2016. Mr. Mohammad Maab Ashna said that ARCS Nangarhar branch has three fix and one mobile medical clinics to provide health care services for disasters-affected population. Accordingly, these clinics had rendered medical services to thousands of sick individuals so far. It is considerable to mention that the branch’s mobile medical team travels to most remote areas where no one else can reach due to various reasons for rendering health care services. Recently, the branch has recruited tens of volunteers who are the back bones for ARCS objectives’ achievements. Currently, 1924 of volunteers including male and females are recruited that take part in ARCS programs e.g. ARCS Special Week, 7th May and distribution of relief items …. Finally, the branch provides training courses for free to improve the students’ scientific capacities.

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