Displaced families in Konar Province have benefited ARCS’s Relief Items

Dec 19, 2017

Due to armed conflicts, numerous residents of konar province have been displaced. Accordingly, Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS) with the International Committee of the Red Cross’s (ICRC) financial support have provided 16 various relief items to each 390 families who were displaced from Shelton and Marwary districts. The relief items have been optimally distributed among the families while Mr. Nawrooz Ali Alizada, ARCS Secretary General Deputy; Mr. Miram Sedaqat, ARCS Spokesperson; Head of Eastern Regional Office; Head of ARCS branches in konar and Nangarhar provinces and many national and international media have been observing and broadcasting the process. In addition, there are further medical supports and health care services available in the area as well. Finally, the beneficiaries have highly appreciated ARCS’s on time and effective donations and support. They announced that they consider Afghan Red Crescent Society as the sole country-wide and independent humanitarian organization.

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