Dr. Nilab Mobarez Was Appointed as ARCS Secretary General

Apr 21, 2017

ARCS’ volunteers, employees, head of departments and board members, ministers of Afghanistan cabinet, members of parliament, the senate members and great scholars in different fields were the participants of the ceremony where Dr. Nilab Mobarez was officially introduced as ARCS’s Secretary General. The ceremony was inaugurated by holly Quran recitation. Then, ARCS Vice President and Acting President, Dr. Mirwais Akram, welcomed all the participants and appreciated Mr. Mohammed Naim Dindar’ dedication to ARCS and his achievements. Accordingly, Mr. Mohammed Naim Dindar mentioned his accomplishments during the six-year leading operations and promised to continue his support voluntarily at any time. Consequently. Dr. Nilab Mobarez, ARCS’s newly appointed Secretary General, highly appreciated dedications of ARCS’s previous President, Mrs. Fatima Gailani, and Secretary General, Mohammed Naim Dindar, that lead the optimal distribution of relief items to affected population from man-made and natural disasters throughout Afghanistan. In addition, Dr. Nilab Mobarez added that I will do my utmost to continue their path, but I will need their support and other components of the Movement including delegations of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. Dr. Nilab emphasized that I pledge to the Movement’s fundamental principles and indeed the National Society’s independency that is a vitally important factor too. In this appointing ceremony, Amena Afzali, ARCS Board Member and member of the senate, Professor Sheren Aqa Zarif, head of Medical University of Kabul, and Mr. Firoz Khan Masjedi give a speech as well.

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