Head of Medical Union of Germany Donates Medical Equipment to ARCS

Jan 14, 2017

Eng. Mohammad Dawood Asad, head of Medical Union of Germany, have donated medical equipment including three sets of ultrasound machines, a set of E.C.G Machines, 42 sets of adjustable bets, orthopaedy equipment that worth 14100 euros to ARCS’s main hospital after observing the effectiveness of services to patients. Accordingly, ARCS authorities including Mohammed Naem “Dindar”, Secretary General, Dr. Mohammad Nabi Borhan and Nawroz Ali Alizada, Secretary General’s Deputies, Mr. Ghulam Habib Husam, International Relation and Dissemination Department head, have appreciated Eng. Mohammad Dawood Asad’s continuous donations and presented him an appreciation letter on behalf of Afghan Red Crescent Society.

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