Partnership Framework Agreement 2018-2020 between ARCS and ICRC

Jan 12, 2018

On 7th January 2017, Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS) Secretary General, Dr. Nilab Mobarez, and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Head of Delegation, Monica Zanarelli, concluded a Partnership Framework Agreement that expresses their commitment to strengthen and value their partnership, in particular in the field of joint operations in Afghanistan and programmes designed to strengthen and build up the institutional and technical capacities of the ARCS. The ARCS and the ICRC have agreed upon this Partnership Framework Agreement in accordance with the Fundamental Principles, the Code for Good Partnership, the Statutes of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, the provisions of the Agreement on the Organization of the International Activities of the Components of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, (called Seville Agreement) and its Supplementary Measures, and the Principles and Rules for Red Cross / Red Crescent Disaster Relief. This Partnership Framework Agreement defines the overall relationship between the ICRC and the ARCS and establishes a quality of partnership and mutual responsibility oriented to achieving the most impact. The agreement also sets a standard framework for administration, reporting, accountability, within which individual projects and initiatives as well as of the ad hoc projects and relief operations, including the roles and responsibilities of both partners. The ICRC have been working closely with ARCS as a partner in the projects agreed to be implemented under the concluded Partnership Framework Agreement since its presence in Afghanistan. ICRC have been assisting, advising, coaching and providing support to the ARCS. Accordingly, ARCS Secretary General has highly appreciated the ICRC’s collaboration and cooperation with ARCS and relief items provision to disasters-affected population. Finally, the ICRC Head of Delegation, Monica Zanarelli, spoke in regard to historical background of ICRC’s collaboration and cooperation with Afghan Red Crescent Society that has built and improved capacities which have resulted in overcoming the challenges. “To continue this improvements and capacity building, mutual collaboration is necessary for both ARCA and ICRC” Monica Zanarelli said. It is considerable to mention that this Partnership Framework Agreement comes into effect on 01/01/2018 and expires on 31/12/2020. Extensions, if any, shall be negotiated and confirmed in writing at least two months before the termination of this Agreement. The Project Descriptions and their Annexes will be revised each year in accordance with operational planning and the yearly planning schedule.

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