Press Conference of ARCS Vice President and acting President, Dr. Mirwais Akram

Feb 15, 2017

Afghan Red Crescent Society as the sole national, independent, neutral, impartial and humanitarian organization provides relief items to affected population in line with the International Movement of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Society and the internal rules and regulations of Afghanistan. ARCS ultimate goal is to alleviate human suffering from man-made and natural disasters and improve the health care standards throughout country as an auxiliary to government. With an attention to the Movements fundamental principles, ARCS’s Disaster Management Department provides relief items and health service department render health care services to affected population. ARCS and German Peace Village have been ensuring medical services to children who are suffering from severe burn injuries and bone diseases for more than 25 years. These children have been sent to Germany for a six-month period and brought back after their convalescence. Once more, in the 75th period, GPV doctors have identified 69 of children that will be taken to Germany to receive medical treatments without any cost on their families. Finally, ARCS and GPV have mutually agreed to constantly continue their cooperation.

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