The Senate of Afghanistan Appreciates Mrs. Fatima Gailani’s Dedication to ARCS as the President

Oct 20, 2016

His Excellency Fazel Hadi Muslimyar, President of the Senate,announced appreciation of the National Assembly of Afghanistan to Mrs. Fatima Gailani, Afghan Red Crescent Society’s former President. Directors and members of Public Welfare and National Environmental Protection commissions of the House and Senate, many of parliamentarians, Minister of Communication and Information Technology Ministry, ARCS Board Members, Kabul Delegates of the International Committee of the Red Cross and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies were part of the appreciation announcement ceremony. “The Senate is always appreciative of the National Society’s considerable assistances.” His ExcellencyFazekHadiMuslimyar, President of the Senate said, “During Mrs. Gailani’s presidency, ARCS along with the ICRC and IFRC as the international counterparts have been rendering health care services and providing relief items to natural and man-made disasters-affected population.” In the other hand, Mr. ObaidullahRamin (head of Natural Resources and National Environmental Protection Commission of the parliament), Nesar Ahmad Hares (Public Welfare and National Environmental Protection commission of the Senate), and ARCS Board Members have announced their appreciation due to highlighting and protecting National Society’s Identity and ARCS achievement especially in the case of providing medical treatments for the children with congenital heart defects. They added that, “Afghan Red Crescent Society as an active member of the International Movement of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and the sole country-wide humanitarian organization have been trying its utmost to alleviate disasters-affected population sufferingthroughout country without bias based on political, regional, ethical … discriminations.” Subsequently, Mrs. Fatima Gailani valued the Senate’s appreciation announcement and said that, “the National Society neutrally, impartially and independently provides relief items and renders health care services for natural and man-made disasters-affected population, the Marastoon (welfare center) beneficiaries, and children with congenital heart defect that for instance, so far, about six thousands of children with heart diseases have received medical treatments. Consequently, the Senate awarded Mrs. Fatima Gailani with its special Medal, the Parliament presented an appreciation letter, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology confer its gift, Public Welfare and National Environmental Protection commissions of the Parliament handed over their appreciation letters,and rest of the participants including the Senate President and parliament memberspresent their gifts to Mrs. Fatima Gailani. Finally, all the participants wished her successive successes in her future responsibilities.

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