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ARCS Dedications Deserve Spiritual and Non-Spiritual Rewards Nov 20,2017
“ARCS’s relief items donation to disasters affected and destitute population deserve spiritual and non-spiritua.[...] Read More »
Assisting Destitute People, for the Sake of Allah, Results Great Allah’s Reward Sep 13,2017
ARCS website directorate’s reporter has interviewed Mawlavi Hayatullah, religious scholar in Kandahar province. M.[...] Read More »
ARCS provides relief items to affected population in Serobi district Jul 29,2017
Devastating floods in many villages of Serobi district have killed 11 and wounded 7 individuals in addition to dest.[...] Read More »
ARCS Secretary General Applaud Children in Marastoon (ARCS Social Welfare Center) Jun 19,2017
On 11th June 2017, ARCS Secretary General, Dr. Nilab Mobarez, admired children who are Marastoon (ARCS Social Welfa.[...] Read More »
69 of Children with Congenital Heart Deficit are sent to domestic and foreign hospitals May 23,2017
On 23rd May 2017, Afghan Red Crescent Society sent 69 of children who are suffering from congenital heart deficits .[...] Read More »
ARCS Celebrates World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day May 12,2017
Afghan Red Crescent Society has celebrated 8th May, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement World Day.[...] Read More »
Asia Pacific Fundraisers’ Networks 6th Skill Sharing Conference May 06,2017
On 11th April 2017, Asia Pacific Fundraiser’ Network (APFN) ran its 6th APFN skill sharing and exchanging sitting.[...] Read More »
Dr. Nilab Mobarez Was Appointed as ARCS Secretary General Apr 21,2017
ARCS’ volunteers, employees, head of departments and board members, ministers of Afghanistan cabinet, members of .[...] Read More »
World Disasters Report 2016 – Resilience: Saving lives today, investing for tomorrow Apr 08,2017
Facts and figures Humanitarian need is outstripping resources 1. 65.3 million People were forcibly displaced a.[...] Read More »
ARCS Provides Relief items to Affected Population in Baghlan Province Mar 26,2017
Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS) provides relief items to affected population in line with seven fundamental prin.[...] Read More »


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