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A mental disorder individual who: Has received psychiatric health services in ARCS psychiatric center 2018-21-Feb
Jafar, 25-year-old who had been suffering from psychiatric disorders for two years, had been taken to Kabul psychia.[...] Read More »
ARCS’s Doors Are Open to All Destitute People! 2017-19-Jun
Mawlavi Mokhtar Ahamd Fazli is one of the religious scholars in Hilmand province that believes Afghan Red Crescent .[...] Read More »
Yesterday Orphans in ARCS Marastoon Are Effectively Serving Their Society 2016-29-Oct
The adults who once upon a time were orphans and lived in Marastoon (Social welfare Center) at ARCS West-Regional z.[...] Read More »
Shahreyar Appreciates Afghan Red Crescent Society 2016-17-Mar
9-year old Shahreyar is suffering from congenital heart defect, so ARCS is sending him to India to receive medical .[...] Read More »
Who We Help 2016-21-Feb
Ahmad CHD Profile: Ahamd is a 14-years-old kid from the northeast of Afghanistan Badakhshan. He comes from a famil.[...] Read More »
“Tashakor Sara Meyasht / Thank You Afghan Red Crescent Society” are the words that Monera, the little girl who was suffering from congenital heart defect, said. 2016-17-Feb
Monera suffered from congenital heart defect. She came to Afghan Red Crescent Society headquarter for help. ARCS .[...] Read More »


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