International Relation and Dissemination Department

Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS) is the sole country-wide humanitarian organization that provides relief items to affected and vulnerable people from armed conflicts and natural disasters. ARCS ultimate objective is to prevent or alleviate human suffering from disasters, support lives, health cares and social welfare and respect human dignity. ARCS does its utmost to foster a culture of humanitarian within societies. ARCS in accordance with the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement’s statutes and its additional Geneva Conventions provides relief items and render services to affected population. ARCS has felt necessary to established Relation, Dissemination and Resource Mobilization directorates under the International Relation and Dissemination Department in order to achieve the objectives through various methods. The International Relation and Dissemination Department includes three fallowing directorates: 1. International Relation Directorate: International Relation Directorate is one of the most important sections of the Department. The directorate improves the strategic and relational objectives with domestic and foreign partners, donors and counterparts…. The directorate improves fund raising to strengthen ARCS financial capabilities through better communication with donators with an aim for preventing or alleviating human suffering. The directorate has many management positions that facilitate the directorate to achieve the objectives and they are as following;
  • Relation with Non-Government Organization Management,
  • Translation Management,
  • Administrative Execution Management,
  • Project Proposal Management,
  • Agreements and Contracts Management and
  • Protocols Management.
Since ARCS is a Non-profit making organization and Islamic Republic of Afghanistan authorities do not allocate any budget for it, the International Relation Directorate does its utmost to raise ARCS budget through its relational management with Non-government organization, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the International Committee of the Red Cross and other donors. Indeed, ARCS has its own financial resources e.g. Properties, Relief items Collection in ARCS Special Week, Lottery Tickets …. But, the Relation directorate is effectively arranging relations between donors and ARCS. For instance, Protocols Management of the directorate coordinates ARCS employees’ travels to foreign countries and provides hospitality to domestic and foreign guests. And, the Translation Management translates official documents from Dari to English to promote official agreements. Finally, The International Relation Directorate in accordance with the Movement’s seven fundamental principles (Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Volunteer service, Unity and Universality) conducts proper relation with ARCS main partners that are the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and the International Committee of the Red Cross. 2. Dissemination Directorate: Dissemination Directorate (DD) is the voice of ARCS. DD publicizes the seven fundamental principles and educates societies and communities regarding the Movement and ARCS highly valuable objectives. DD exercises several various methods to make public its efforts that include quarterly magazine, 15-day gazette, brochures and annual calendars in various designs …. In addition, DD broadcasts ARCS achievements and accomplishments through Medias as well. DD runs Seminars, Training Workshops and ceremonies for special national and international occasions (ARCS Special Week and the Movement’s World Day). Finally, DD fulfills its undertakings in line with the Movement fundamental principles without discrimination in any field. 3. Resource Mobilization Directorate: Resource Mobilization Directorate includes fallowing Mangements;
  • Fund Raising Management,
  • Esaar Lottery and
  • • Analization and Assesment of Recources.
The Managements have been designing and implementing policies to improve resources mobilization strategies, increase revenues and properly utilize and consume the exesting resources. Thus, strengthening ARCS financial capabilities is the ultimate goal of directorate. In last few years, the directorate has improved the strategy of resource mobilization through the Asia Pacific membership and strengthened ARCS financial capabilities through fallowing methods;
  • ARCS Special Week
  • Domestic and foreign donations collection
  • Esaar lottery process
  • Community Chest
  • Collection of Government employees’ One-day payment.
  • Collection of Hajj pilgrims’ donation
  • Educating societies and communities through dissemination and community based campaigns.
The Directorate has collected relief items of tenth millions of Afghanis through various donations collection methods so far that its related reports are submitted to authorities. Afghan Red Crescent Society has been optimally distributing the collected relief items among the affected and vulnerable population in most remote areas.


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