Sport and physical education

Sports and physical education program is active in the framework of Youth and Volunteer department and consist of volleyball, football, ping pong, and karate male and female teams. The teams exercise under supervision of professional trainers on regular bases in different times and the aim is to promote and display the ARCS fundamental principles through sports. The ARCS volleyball male team has participated in thirty tournaments conducted by National Olympic in the past nine years and became the champion in the 25 tournament, while the team took runner-up positions in the five other tournaments. The ARCS volleyball Female team has also managed to take the first, second and third positions in three tournaments in the past two years. During the past nine years of tireless efforts, the volleyball male team has secured the fourth place among the country powerful volleyball teams. The ARCS Ping Pong team, consist of resident of Kabul Orphanage, is exercising for the past three year with high performance result. During this time, the team has won first and second positions at different levels and also has received moral cap.


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