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ARCS’s Doors Are Open to All Destitute People!

Mawlavi Mokhtar Ahamd Fazli is one of the religious scholars in Hilmand province that believes Afghan Red Crescent Society’s door is open to all destitute and disaster affected population. He said, “Holly Quran emphasizes that faithful people should take care of destitute people especially elders, children and women. In addition, Holly Quran has mentioned various dimensions of humanitarian assistance as well.” Mawlavi Fazli says that ARCS’s relief items provisions are ultimate generosity and benevolence to insolvent beneficiaries. He added, “ARCS is the sole country-wide, impartial, independent and neutral humanitarian organization that its door is open to all people in Hilmand province. Accordingly, I myself and all residents in this region respect ARCS and consider it part of ourselves at all times.” Mawlavi Ahmad Fazli consider ARCS’s following tasks and operations vitally important: 1. Providing relief items to man-made and natural disasters affected population. 2. Rendering health first aids to wounded people from armed conflicts. 3. Transporting dead bodies. 4. Handing over the prisoners’ letters to their families and vice versa. 5. Providing relief items and rendering services impartiality and without any discrimination based on religion, ethnic, region and language… as Holly Quran emphasis it. Mawlavi Mokhtar Ahmad Fazli asks benevolent and generous people to financially and non-financially support Afghan Red Crescent Society. Finally, Mawlavi Fazli highly appreciated ARCS’s dedication and donations to people in Hilmand province.

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