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Ahmad CHD Profile: Ahamd is a 14-years-old kid from the northeast of Afghanistan Badakhshan. He comes from a family of nine. He has 5 sisters and 3 brothers. He lost his mother when he was younger and his father is old and cannot work for the family. To feed the family, his 17-year-old bother works part time as a hand seller along with his studies at school. Ahmad is physically weak and has not grown well due to his sickness. Now that he knows about his illness, he is psychologically suffering every day. Luckily, he has recently been introduced and registered to the ARCS CHD Department that lit candles of hope for him and his family. He is in the waiting list and hoping he gets heart surgery soon. To help the Afghan CDH children, ARCS collects donations from individuals and entities who are willing to support our cause and join us in this humanitarian purpose. Respected donors can deposit their funds to the ARCS bank account or directly to the partner hospital bank accounts. SAVE A HEART, SAVE A LIFE

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